1aTTackde Pepper Mill/Salt Mill/Spice Mill 230ml 205cm Empty Ceramic Grinder in Gift PackagingBeige White B00APW4O6E

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  • The mills Mills with original Mills ceramic grinder for creative cooking and Genussvolles eating Mills grinding almost anything in your high quality ceramic grinder as salt and pepper, cloves, dried herbs and chilli.
  • Height: 20.5 cm, Height of glass: 15.5 cm, Height Mill top: 6.5 cm, Capacity: 230 ml, Weight: 440 g, diameter: 5 cm
  • The most important thing about the mill is the ceramic grinder, as this carries out the mill's Main job. Most Mills have plastic grinders with a limited life or grinders that are susceptible to corrosion made of steel. The mills Mills have ceramic grinders which have a lot of benefits
  • The design, the shape and colour of the Mills range from stainless steel, wood to lots of different colour variations. This allows you to to individually tailor the Mills to your taste. They are available in 3 different sizes, and in 4 Piece Sets with 4 additional aroma glasses which fit on every Mill.
  • Taking care of the Mills Mills is no problem. spices containing oil can make the grinding teeth stick with age. The but can be easily fix it if you coarse-grained salt through the mill the mill. Of course the grinders can also easily be taken apart and cleaned. Never the mill heads with water or soapy water or in the dishwasher. The Spice Jar itself is dishwasher safe. This before adding the spices allow it to dry well.
More Taste With 1aTTack
The benefits of freshly ground spices lies in the Freiwerdenden Atherischen oils
And Develops which makes it the aroma like freshly harvested.
The 1aTTack Mills have ceramic grinders which have a lot of benefits:
Ceramic is free of corrosion and doesn't wear
Ceramic is harder than plastic and steel
Ceramic is food safe and abrasion free
The grinding stones are easy to grip and shape
The grinding thickness can be adjusted Set from very fine to coarse
The sewn on dots show the direction: Large Spots are synonymous with coarse settings, small spots for fine ground
The spices are stored in all the Gleichmäsig ground
The allows for exact measuring and economical use
The Grinders For Cleaning can be easily remove
The mill stands with the milling mechanism to the top, so are no crumbs on the table
The ceramic mechanism chop almost anything: Pepper, Salt, Spices and dried herbs
Ausnahmen: Fresh Herbs, strong oil based spices, garlic and nutmeg must be able to the mill particularly be prepared. These are to wet and glue the grinder would be.
The flavour protector cover
Fits securely and protects the grinding mechanism and maintains the full aroma of the herbs.
If you when lid is closed grinding, you can protect the ground material from steam or moisture
Out of the lid can be lighter and easier measuring.
The mill can be reversed on the cover as well.
The spice jar
Is tasteless and hygienic.
The eingefüllten, spices and capacity measurements are clearly visible.
Through the long opening on the spice jar can be filled the mill for years to come.
Brand 1aTTack.de
Model Number819400
ColourBeige Weiss 230 Ml
Item Weight440 g
Product Dimensions22.5 x 5 x 5 cm

1aTTackde Pepper Mill/Salt Mill/Spice Mill 230ml 205cm Empty Ceramic Grinder in Gift PackagingBeige White B00APW4O6E

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