Food Bag Clips for Food Storage by Turbo Clip 10 pcs Set B00K5TNOW2

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  • FOOD STORAGE - keep fresh food fresher for longer by storing items for an increased period of time by sealing the packaging with our Turbo Clip food bag clips
  • ADJUSTABLE - one size fits all with our food clips, suitable for all packet types and sizes you can securely seal your food items with minimal effort for a healthier lifestyle
  • FRESH - food bag sealer clips keep your food and its packaging completely air and water tight to prevent bacteria build up which ensures your fresh food items last longer than usual
  • STORAGE - seal your food with clips, and find keeping them in the cupboard, fridge or freezer tidier and easier with less mess. Each pack includes 4 different sizes
  • THRIFTY - buying fresh food, meat, vegetables and fish, in bulk is cheaper than a regular supermarket shop. Seal with our food bag sealer clips and store in the fridge or freezer for longer
Less food waste If you find yourself throwing away food that has gone out of date or that is not looking its best then it is time to consider food storage options. By sealing your fresh fruit, vegetables and meat you are reducing the risks of bacteria build up which is often responsible for food waste. Sealing your food packets with our turboclips ensures your packages are air and water tight which then increases the life of your food items. Money saving tip Regular visits to the supermarket mean you are probably spending a lot more on food than is necessary. Switch your shopping habits and buy in bulk where the prices are often far cheaper. By portioning up your fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and fish you can then store them in the fridge or freezer. A plastic bag sealer clip seals bags and packaging so the freshness remains for longer than expected. How to use our food bag sealer clips The Turbo Clip bag seal slots on to open packets of food, simply adjust the width and secure the clip easily in place. The very nature of the clip keeps packets open for easy pouring and when you are finished you can seal to keep the contents fresh.

The different clip sizes adjust to all types and sizes of packets so are suitable for storing all types of kitchen foods including crisps, snacks, porridge oats, nuts and more.

Sizes include: 1 x 270mm
3 x 235mm
3 x 190mm
3 x 150mm BUY NOW and save money with less food waste
Brand Turboproducts
Model Number10152
Item Weight141 g
Package Dimensions29.4 x 15.8 x 1.2 cm
Auto ShutoffNo

Food Bag Clips for Food Storage by Turbo Clip 10 pcs Set B00K5TNOW2

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