Stretch Lid Silicone Stretch LidsClear Airtight Food Saver Covers Transparent Durable and Expandable to Fit Various Shapes and Sizes Container and Seals Blue 12 Pack B07JD7TGB5

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  • No-toxic: Food grade material, reusable and stackable, dishwasher safe, heat-resistant, freezer safe, BPA free.Here's a new twist on the old food storage container tops, this handy covers fits various sizes and shape of containers platters, dishes, bowls, pots, pans, jars, cans, cups, glasses and jugs, perfect for round, square, rectangular and many other odd shapes.
  • Versatile: Super stretchable 12 pcs(2.6", 3.7", 4.5", 5.7", 6.5" and 8.3"), each size gets 2 pieces, they can cover different sizes containers, bowls, cups, glasses, etc. Instead of purchasing lots of plastic wraps, these lids are helpful in kitchen.
  • Leak-Proof: Seal covers make fruits, vegetables, unfinished drinks and other foods storage safety, keep foods fresh and prevent foods from spattering in microwave oven, prevent water from spilling out .Perfect seal, keeping your FOOD FRESH and TASTY, keeping away any unpleasant odor from the fridge. The airtight facilities are the best substitute for the annoying foils, plastic lids and alufoil.
  • Clear: Transparent silicone lids will not hide your fresh foods, easy to find the foods you're looking for.Made from the best grade of extra thick silicone, will not tear or warp,They're very friendly, eliminating the need to repeatedly buy expensive plastic wrap.
  • Advanced: With original design, the lids can prevent bad smell from storing foods in the refrigerator. TThis super - stretchy lids are microwave, dishwasher and also oven safe, heat-resistant to 450F. Good news, they are also freezer safe up to -40F. Will not change their shape or quality. [WARM TIPS: Please keep lid and container dry during use.
Protable stretchable silicone storage cover,of multi-use to keep you away from the pain of always looking for a matchable lid for your container BPA free,
food grade silicone food saver Contains variety of the lid
sizes: 6 different sizes,stretch and fit tight on any container Fits directly over bowls and food items themselves
Easy to clean and store Food saver & Resuable elastic bowls Cover & Less wasteful & Eco friendly choice
Expandable for pots, pans, mixing bowls,pitcher,Can,Drinking Glass and so on.

Size: 1) 2.6" (will stretch to 3.5") (2) 3.7" (will stretch to 5") (3) 4.5" (will stretch to 6") (4) 5.7"(will stretch to 8") (5) 6.5" (will stretch to 9") (6) 8.3" (will stretch to 11")

Usage: Dry the silicone lid over and the surface of the item that you want to cover Choosing a size of the silicone food covers "smaller"
than the bowl you are trying to cover and stretching it to fit Start at the edge of the bowl closest to
you and stretch away from you to the other side of the bowl Then use tabs to pull and ensure a snug fit
And if you find it's slipping slightly,you can just wipe the edge with a towel.

Tips for Use:
1.Please wash the lids before the first time using and after each use, you should wash them with soft tool.
2.Dry lids seals better than wet.
3.Don't completely seal the container when using in microwave oven.
4.The stretch lids can fit many kinds of container whether round, square, rectangular, etc. But they may not be sealed when you use in the linear products.
Package Included: 12 or 6 X transparent silicone lids
WARM TIPS: According to the silicone material, our lids maybe hard to grasp the container if it has moisture, please dry the lid and container during using.
Brand Ugetde
Auto ShutoffNo

Stretch Lid Silicone Stretch LidsClear Airtight Food Saver Covers Transparent Durable and Expandable to Fit Various Shapes and Sizes Container and Seals Blue 12 Pack B07JD7TGB5

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